My Name is Liz Howard

I teach computer science, all over the place. I've taught in the Cal State network, with, at, with Girl Develop It, Galvanize, and I founded Hackbright Academy (we put more women into computer science every semester than Stanford and Berkeley did combined every year!)

I like to help people! That's why I do most of the stuff I do.

You can find more on me at

If you get a really fancy new job, buy something on artmonster to say thanks.

About the Data

I am storing the data that GPT uses to generate your resume and what it generates, but not the data it uses to generate your cover letter (because that's personal to you.). I'm storing the Company, and the Job Title, and what is suggested. I'm only storing this because it seems like a lot of people might put the same job over and over again, and I'd like to keep the results and reuse those so I don't have to pay for so much AI model usage. I'm not storing the cover letters, because you might customize your job duties and that seems pretty personally identifiable to you, so I don't want to be responsible for keeping it safe.

I am an avid privacy rights activist, so I am not keeping any personally identifiable data. Your data is stored in your browser- you can open up the source of the page and see what each line of code does! There are no cookies or anything- though I reserve the right to put ads on this page if it ends up costing a ton of money to host. I don't think you should be charged money to use this tool, so I won't put a usage charge on it, though it does cost me money so please don't abuse it so that I can keep it free. Try not to generate more than 100 cover letters per day- you probably aren't applying to that many jobs anyway.