First start with some research- find jobs that need the skills you have and start putting them in a spreadsheet. This is partly so you can sort them by pay range and apply to the ones that pay the best, first. Also so that you can eliminate ones that don't meet your needs and focus on that while you are searching.

If you don't have a spreadsheet where you're keeping track of your applications, make a copy of this one.

Ask yourself the following questions:

Do not ask yourself the following questions (you'll get too exhausted and you'll start to make compromises. Stop when you find yourself asking these questions- we'll ask them during the apply phase.

These questions are emotionally costly and takes a toll much faster than you realize- let other people do the work of screening you. You can find 100 jobs you want in the time it takes you to evaluate yourself against 10 job requirements.

We also really want to find out the following information:

Here's where I'm seeing a lot of good leads:

Once we start to receive responses to our resume we'll want to keep tweaking until we're receiving 1 in 10. Then, it's time to Network.